A fresh, energetic fragrance, with the vitality of grapefruit and mandarin and rich notes of sandalwood. Wear the scent of summer on your skin.

Weleda’s new line of light, natural perfumes is like a walk in a fragrant garden, they bring the wearer closer to nature and to the ‘Jardin de Vie’ – the garden of life.

Inspired by the natural fragrances in Weleda’s Sea Buckthorn skin care range, Agrume captures the sunbeams of a light-filled day for you. The radiant scent of grapefruit gives Agrume its sparkling freshness and drives away low spirits and invite “joie de vivre”. The sweet, fruity smell of mandarin provides a characteristic note, encouraging us to feel life’s sunny side. The vital composition with further citrus notes creates a wonderfully uplifting mix, which refreshes the spirit. The precious scent of sandalwood deepens and complements the fragrance and imparts powdery and soft notes on the skin. The Eau Naturelle Parfumée agrume invites you to feel summer feelings on your skin.

This scent has been handcrafted by Weleda’s in-house perfumery using only high-quality essential oils sourced directly from Weleda’s fair trade partnerships. This captivating fragrance is free from phthalates or any synthetic chemicals.

Fragrance notes:
Mandarin: sunny, fruity sweet 
Grapefruit: tingling freshness, inspires and awakens the joy of life 
Sandalwood: precious gently, ensures a soft touch

For over 90 years Weleda has developed a unique range of sophisticated scent compositions, from 100% natural essential oils. Each fragrance is crafted to bring you joy, with loving care and deep understanding of nature. Free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colourants or raw materials derived from mineral oils.

Natural Perfume Agrume (Sea Buckthorn), 50ml



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