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  • Linda Lang

Great ways to enjoy Hemp Seeds

Here is an overview on Hemp Nutrition, Hemp seeds have been consumed as a staple food all over the world for many thousands of years, they are an important dietary component containing an abundance of ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS that are:

*BALANCED - they provide us with much of what our body needs without over-supplying some nutrients yet not causing a deficiency in others.

*DIGESTIBLE - cooking is not required, neither is soaking or blending, because our bodies assimilates what it needs and eliminates what it doesn’t. There is no unnecessary wasting of energy or suffering stress as is required by some supplements and foods when trying to extract the nutrients from animal or processed foods.

*SAFE - as with many types of foods we consume daily, Hemp seeds do not burden your body with toxins, allergens, GMO’s or undigested waste materials.

*SUSTAINABLE - nothing has to give its life, pesticides and fertilizers are not required, there is no risk to anyone’s safety to obtain Hemp Seeds; they grow just about anywhere and everywhere without needing copious amounts of water as a matter of fact they require less water than wheat, rice or soy.

Be a little inventive, avo, hummus, hemp seeds on toast.

Hemp Seeds have the highest quality and quantity of Protein. Hemp protein is not only gluten-free but also have a complete Amino Acid profile. Hemp is the only plant to make protein from Edestin which makes it more digestible than any other forms of protein like Soy, and unlike Soy it does not cause allergies or contain estrogen compounds.

"Every 100g of Hemp Seeds contain approximately 33g of this high quality protein.

Hemp seeds contain the highest amount of PUFAs (Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids) like Omega 3 and 6 - level with Walnuts for the #1 position at around 47g of PUFAs in every 100g of seeds."

  • GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) - one of only five known sources (Borage seed, Evening Primrose seed, Black Currant seed, Carrot seed, Wheatgerm) of this ‘wonder’ oil believed to be important for preventing inflammation.

  • 15 times as much fat-fighting CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) as fish oil.

  • Practically no Carbohydrates with less than half a gram of sugar per 20g serving.

  • Gut-cleansing Fibre.

  • Cholesterol-fighting Phytosterols - 1480mg per 20g serving.

  • Minerals including Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Zinc.

  • Vitamin E plus other Antioxidants.

  • B Vitamins including Folate.

  • Vitamin D3 - the only known plant food source of this bone-building “sunshine” vitamin.

Basic Hemp Milk 80 g hemp seeds 750 ml filtered alkaline water Pinch of Himalayan pink salt 1 tsp vanilla extract 2-4 drops liquid stevia or Agave liquid sweetner

Chocolate Hemp Milk 40 g raw cacao powder 1 tbsp natvia


  1. Place all ingredients into a high speed blender or shaker and blend or shake until combined.

  2. Pour into a large mixing bowl through a strainer. Alternatively you can drink as is loaded with all that extra dietary fiber!

  3. Pour into glass or a jar enjoy at your leisure, use it in recipes or serve with your cereal. You can use Hemp milk in place of dairy milk.

  4. To make any other variations, make up a batch of basic hemp milk and blend in any additional ingredients for each recipe you wish to create.



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